Final project description

  • The final exam for the in-class section of ST437/537 will be a team project on a topic selected by the team
  • The topic can either be an analysis of an important and challenging data set or methodological work on topic of interest in multivariate/longitudinal data
  • The projects are to be done in groups chosen by the instructor with student input
  • They are to result in a thorough but concise, professional quality technical poster presentation

Project proposal due Monday, April 3 in class

  • These one-page proposals should list your team members and spell out briefly the main goals of the study, your basic approach, and the role of each team member
  • IMPORTANT: Pick a topic that interests you, but not something that you have already done!
  • This project need not be computationally expensive nor require a huge time investment in data collection, but it does need to show careful planning, good logic and the analysis concepts discussed in the course
  • If you are having trouble identifying a topic, please see the instructor as soon as possible

Project report due Wednesday, April 26 in 1216 SAS Hall 

  • The final product of the project will be a poster. You should turn in a paper copy and bring a pdf version to present to the class. The poster should include:
    • Motivation for studying this problem
    • A description of data and/or methods to be used
    • Discussion of the major findings
    • A statement of the implications of your study
    • A discussion of further questions raised by your study

Team average scores for these projects will be assigned as follows: 

  • Quality and novelty of the analysis and/or methodology, 60%
  • Professional appearance and clarity of the poster, 20%
  • Poster presentation, 20%

Poster Sample

Group projects

1. Heather Barcomb, Chelsea Robalino, Annie Tang
2. Yiting Shen, Xingyi Sun, Zun Yin
3. Matthew Good, Shawn V Rajan, Jibin Thomas
4. Sarah Karamarkovich, Christina Azmy, David Stokes
5. Mohammad N Shaliz, Piush Khanal
6. Josh Arfin, Julia Holter, Chelsea M. Lawhorn
7. Austin Legard, Kinsey Lee
8. Marybeth Reither, Alex Vannoy, Shane Hedrick
9. Chunmiao Feng, Jing Li, Muchun Xu
10. Anna R. Rogers, Jack Ren, Gloria A. Regalado
11. Jacy Weissburg, Hubert Song, Nirajan Panthi
12. Soua Vang, Dominici Philip, James B. Robertson